Saturday, October 03, 2009

Reflections on birthdays past...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love my birthdays! I don't necessarily love getting older, but I do love celebrating the day of my birth ... and I've had some pretty fantastic celebrations! Just last night I was relating a few of my favorite birthdays to a friend and thought it would be fun to jot them down. 

"The Puker"
OK, I had a couple of b-days that were less than perfect. The most memorable, from my earlier years (maybe I was 10 or so) began with a fun birthday dress shopping trip to ZCMI. Looking through the racks, I started to not feel so good... Running outside into the rain, I puked in the gutter, my sister chasing after me to see if I was ok. 

That afternoon, sleeping on the couch, puke bowl at the ready, I awoke to a cuddly, stuffed unicorn tucked in with me and a beautiful black and white checked dress with red embellishments ... a Marie Osmond-brand dress (it was the coolest dress and yes, I went through a unicorn and pegasus phase).

"Holly Hobby"
I want to say it was my 8th birthday and my Uncle Allen was staying with us, in town from Oregon for LDS General Confer
ence. It was pouring rain, again, but my mom didn't let that hamper the family party which included a scavenger hunt! My final gift, which I had to retrieve outside in the milk delivery box (what are those things called anyway?). 

Rushing out into the rain I grabbed the gift-wrapped box and hurried back inside to reveal one of my favorite childhood gifts ... a Holly Hobby Wristwatch! I wish I still had that watch ... it was so cool! 

"It's Where Fun Is"
Lagoon. My birthday when I was in 6th grade was spent at Lagoon! We loaded up all my grade-school friends in the car and enjoyed a great amusement par
k day!

My 24th birthday was incredible. Simply put, the boy I had crushed on for years and dated for a few months, sent me 6 long-stemmed red roses with a card that read: "You're the grooviest chic since Marcia Brady! -- Gary" That was a great day!

"Dancing the Night Away"
What better way to celebrate getting older, my final year in my 20s, than to gather up ALL of your friends and get your groove on at a dance club? Birthday cake and surprise, completely unexpected birthday presents made for a fantastic night! 
I've always tried to extend my birthday for as long as possi
ble and
 my 30th birthday was the ultimate in a 3-week-long celebration. 

Here's the quick rundown:
* Pampering massage
* Flight to see best friend and her husband in New Jersey!
* 3-day trip to NYC
* Surprise dinner at Tavern on the Green 
* City sites like Empire State Building, The Met Museum, Battery Park, Little Italy, Financial District, Times Square and more (enormous blister TOTALLY worth it!).
* Surprise  Broadway play: Aida featuring Toni Braxton 
* Weekend trip to DC area including Colonial Williamsburg, Renaissance Faire, Toby Keith concert and scenic drive past Washington DC Temple.
* Atlantic City evening
* Day-trip to pristine Amish Country's Lancaster County
* Loads of amazing quality time with the bestest friends ever
* Flew home to celebrate my birthday again with family and friends. 

So far it's been 35, almost 36, years of fantastic, memory-filled celebrations! I can't wait for the many more parties to come! 


  1. Your Birthday have always rocked! Hope they continue being GREAT!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope it was a good one this year too -- although some of those would be hard to beat!