Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally, finally, finally

I know. I'm a Bad Blogger!

I'll forgo all the lame excuses and just mention a few of the highlights of the past few weeks/months:

* Lava Hot Springs -- Last minute getaway was pure relaxation. Soothing, healing steamy waters! Perfect.
* Lagoon -- Beautiful Spring day turned into a pretty cold adventure after a panic-attack ride on the water-soaking Cliffhanger. (I do not like that ride!)
* Yard work -- Green thumb has been discovered. OK, actually, it's more like my roommate has been using her green thumb in the garden. I'm just working on perfecting my green lawn and flower bed! (Topsy Turvy tomatoes will be planted soon!)
* Outdoor adventures: Welcoming spring with fun 4-wheeling excursions and target practice. More fun to come ... fishing, camping, boating, and more.
* Visiting with friends and meeting new babies.
* New MacBookPro! Wahoo!! New laptop = Very happy Jennifer.
* St. George Art Festival Weekend -- Wonderful visit with friends, great deals at the fest, not-so-great luck in Mesquite.
* And look! I updated my blog!

I'm sure there will be more posts to come ... eventually.


  1. If it would stop snowing at my house, I could start working on a garden too! This weather is crazy! Sounds like you've been up to a lot of fun - glad to hear!!

  2. let me know how the tomatoes work? I have heard good and bad things about them. I j ust planted my garden last night.

  3. I am so glad you commented on my sisters blog!!! I've been thinking about you a TON lately, with seeing Lisa here and there and couldn't find your blog. She told me a bit about the guy you've been I know we barely knew each other, but I miss you. You are such a fun person. Hope all is well. Take care!!!