Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Update!

Last month I had the biggest, most amazing surprise of my life...

Just an average day, I was really longing for a nap after a pretty sleepless night, but I decided to do a little shopping. So off to Old Navy I went.

While walking into the dressing room, loaded down with potential wardrobe updates, I got a phone call from my incredible boyfriend. Just calling to see what I was up to. "At Old Navy doing some shopping," I said. "Is that the Old Navy by the Mall?" he asked. "Ummm, yeah. Over near Target," I answered, only a little skeptically.

So after some chatting, I hung up and began the fashion show, trying on my dressing room full of clothes. Gathering my approved selections, about 15 minutes after hanging up the phone, I walked out of the dressing room and began looking at a rack of shirts.

All of a sudden, I could feel someone blowing on my neck. What the Wha??

Turning around, I was overjoyed to see my sweetie behind me! He had decided to drive up, all the way from Payson, to surprise me.

After teasing me about how long I was in the dressing room, we continued our shopping, bought our selections and then walked out to our cars, talking about where we should go to dinner.

At his car, he got the door for me, but before I could sit down he had to remove a few things from the front seat. I then sat down and waited for him to shut my door, noticing that he seemed to be stalling a bit, but I certainly didn't think much of it.

Then ... he suddenly got on one knee and popped open a black velvet ring box and asked if I would marry him!

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I exclaimed. "ARE YOU SERIOUS? OH MY GOSH!" I continued to exclaim while we both fumbled around trying to put the beautiful ring on my finger! I was so excited that I forgot to actually answer him for, probably what seemed to him, to be 30 minutes! "OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!"

So in the parking lot of Old Navy on Thursday, August 26, rock digging into his knee, Steve proposed to me!!!

We are getting married November 20 and we couldn't be any happier! I have waited a VERY long time to find someone so completely amazing. Steve was completely worth the wait!


  1. how exciting! congratulations!

  2. Hooray! A blog update AND the engagement story. Best start to the day EVER. Congratulations again, Jenn.

  3. I read the story even though I totally knew how it goes! I LOVE proposal stories! Congrats to you both. I cannot wait to come see your beautiful wedding. You are killing me with the engagement pictures teases. They look great!! Love you!

  4. congrats jennifer:) we are excited for you!!!